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life is great

well what can I say life is great. School is going hella good. just had a test not long ago and I think I did great. Really excited about getting a nice fat 4.0 in that class. Have been slacking off on the working out part but this week I am going full bore again doing boxing, cardio, and lifting. So all you little fuckers that wanna beat my ass lets get together in 5 months and see whats up. I got a stupid cashiers meeting today, its sooo much fun I can't wait to sit on my ass and listen to a bunch of lame ass shit that no one really wants to listen to. I get paid though and sometimes they bring food so its not as bad as I make it to be. Aside from work life has been great I've meet some cool people from school and other places as well and can't wait to hang out with them. They seem to be hella cool and easy going. I've also been working on a business plan and within 5-7 months I should see what happens, all I know is hell no I am not spending the rest of my life working a 9-6 pm job at a pharmacy. I am also sick and tired of my ugly car and lets just all hope everything goes well and I can buy my ferrari 360 challange stradale. The question now is should I go with red or black? what about the interior? and most importantly should I pay the extra 5k for the center ferrari stripe? shit I gotta start thinking about this shit now so I know what to get exactly in 5-7 months. yumm ferrari = attracting lots of hot girls to radek. thats right you all come to papa. That sounds kinda lame using a car to get girls but theres nothing wrong with that I guess. Well except I can only carry one chick at a time unless they sit on each others lap. I guess I will get an M5 too then I can carry 4 girls. yep thats where its at. Wait its gonna be 3 girls damnit because I'm gonna have stephen in my passanger seat and well hes not a girl he can kinda act girly though sometimes. All I know is you ain't a pimp unless stephen is there.
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