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10/22/03 11:15 pm

Damn I want Morgan to be here!!!!!!!!!

10/22/03 11:14 pm

I love Morgan

10/22/03 11:10 pm

Morgan is hella hot

10/22/03 10:46 pm - damn

Morgan is such a good kisser and damn can you believe it my big ass car doesn't have enough room in the back seat.

10/15/03 10:58 pm

Sorry I hasnt had time to write to ya. I got me a new freind too. Hi to all you guys. I dint get put in the slammer after my last post. The laws was buzy with da homeless peoples so they was leavin me alone. Its a good day when da homeless peoples makin trouble for the laws cuz they forgit all bout me.

Todays gonna be a buzy one here in Memphis. All those people whos crazy for Elvis is gonna come here so ill be makin me a pile of money today. Elvis sure has ben my freind since I moved down here. I never made this much money back home.

All those crazed Elvis men need is to see da king and get likkered up and deys free as a bird wit der 20 bucks. Even gives me extra sometime. You know how I likes to work over at Graceland too. There will be lots of those guys dressed up like da king. Theys called personaters. So I get a day of doin guys that look like Elvis and its fun. I gots to git goin though. Dont forgit to play some Elvis songs today.

10/13/03 10:47 pm - What an exciting day

This morning I woke up with my dog licking my face that was nice. Apparently my mom put the dog in my bed as I was sleeping. The I went to my class at shoreline comm college. We did absolutely jack shit as always. Never take the Humanities 285 class since its really ghetto. All though its like 30 girls and 3 guys including me all of the girls are hella ugly and it burns yours eyes looking at them and the teacher ain't hot either. Then after class I went to Morgan's house that was really nice with the exception that her 2 best friends were there and they just looked at me as I cuddled with Morgan. Then I got to meet her mom and her bf that was really cool. The best part was talking to kyle some dude who wanted Morgan. I said some things and I don't think he likes me anymore not like he did from the beginning since I got Morgan and he didn't. I wanted to kiss Morgan today but somehow that didn't happen hopefully tomorrow when she comes over. Anyways damn I wish Morgan was here.

10/12/03 01:28 am

Well long time not posting not like anyone reads this but anyways I met this girl named Morgan. She is really cool. I was being a dick and well I am glad she is still talking to me. I have no idea what I was thinking though its kinda weird. Anyways we hung out a few times and I really really like her. She is like amazing, hot, and like perfect in every way. I need to be more confident though.

12/14/02 01:28 am - that damn kid

Billy Molina is the coolest guy. He is the biggest pimp ever.
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