Radek (acsm3) wrote,

life sucks

My car broke down so I don't have a car which really sucks since now I can't cruise down aurora and pick up my hoes. This really makes my weiner unhappy. So if anyone wants to either a. give me a nice car or b. bring some hoes to my house or c. if your hot and sexy bring yourself to my house then please let me know. (jk about the whole thing except c hahaha) well whats new I asked morgan to prom that was really cool if you wanna know what I did let me know. I've been slacking off on my workout because my toe has a mini surgery since it hurt. My toe hurts really bad still though. I can't wait for prom since I didn't go to my prom but its all good. Work is good boring as always but its all good. Soon I am gonna start looking for a new job. School is great. Can't wait for summer. This is the most stupid and boring post ever.
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