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4/20/05 10:11 pm - life sucks

My car broke down so I don't have a car which really sucks since now I can't cruise down aurora and pick up my hoes. This really makes my weiner unhappy. So if anyone wants to either a. give me a nice car or b. bring some hoes to my house or c. if your hot and sexy bring yourself to my house then please let me know. (jk about the whole thing except c hahaha) well whats new I asked morgan to prom that was really cool if you wanna know what I did let me know. I've been slacking off on my workout because my toe has a mini surgery since it hurt. My toe hurts really bad still though. I can't wait for prom since I didn't go to my prom but its all good. Work is good boring as always but its all good. Soon I am gonna start looking for a new job. School is great. Can't wait for summer. This is the most stupid and boring post ever.

2/8/05 10:47 pm - hmm

Life is great school is great everything is great. I can’t wait for the party this Friday should be a lot of fun.

2/6/05 01:34 am

i have been hanging out with lots of people lately, they are all hella cool. there is this one girl that i really like, she's hella pretty and i think that she likes me back. i really hope she does. me and stephen are gona start up a business and become hella rich. it's gonna be nice, rollin in my maclaren. and i am going to be hella buff, getting the girls. i hung out with stephen and his possy at bubble tea the other day, that was cool i haven't seen donald for a long time. that's about it. talk to all my hommies lataaa.

1/25/05 04:13 pm - life is great

well what can I say life is great. School is going hella good. just had a test not long ago and I think I did great. Really excited about getting a nice fat 4.0 in that class. Have been slacking off on the working out part but this week I am going full bore again doing boxing, cardio, and lifting. So all you little fuckers that wanna beat my ass lets get together in 5 months and see whats up. I got a stupid cashiers meeting today, its sooo much fun I can't wait to sit on my ass and listen to a bunch of lame ass shit that no one really wants to listen to. I get paid though and sometimes they bring food so its not as bad as I make it to be. Aside from work life has been great I've meet some cool people from school and other places as well and can't wait to hang out with them. They seem to be hella cool and easy going. I've also been working on a business plan and within 5-7 months I should see what happens, all I know is hell no I am not spending the rest of my life working a 9-6 pm job at a pharmacy. I am also sick and tired of my ugly car and lets just all hope everything goes well and I can buy my ferrari 360 challange stradale. The question now is should I go with red or black? what about the interior? and most importantly should I pay the extra 5k for the center ferrari stripe? shit I gotta start thinking about this shit now so I know what to get exactly in 5-7 months. yumm ferrari = attracting lots of hot girls to radek. thats right you all come to papa. That sounds kinda lame using a car to get girls but theres nothing wrong with that I guess. Well except I can only carry one chick at a time unless they sit on each others lap. I guess I will get an M5 too then I can carry 4 girls. yep thats where its at. Wait its gonna be 3 girls damnit because I'm gonna have stephen in my passanger seat and well hes not a girl he can kinda act girly though sometimes. All I know is you ain't a pimp unless stephen is there.

1/19/05 12:16 am - cocksuckers

ok I checked one of my responses in of my previous posts and some dick faced asshole posted a very rude and hurtful comment. Me and morgan broke up and are just friends now but the stuff that was posted still hurts not only me but Morgan as well so if whoever wrote that reads this please post who you are so I can beat your ass.

12/14/03 12:43 am

continuing...so school is out, i have break till the 5th. i might go down to california for a few days with billy, like the 31st till the 5th or so. i don't know if i will go though cause i have no money and i would miss my girlfriend so much. she is so wonderful.
my birthday was yesterday. 18, i can go buy cigarettes now. anyways, we went to red robins. good times. i got fifty bucks from my mom's friend and a rose. my gf, man she gave me the best gift of all. (can't go into details...*wink wink*)
i haven't been working a lot lately. at mcdonalds they never schedule me hours anymore. i like have worked 4 hours today, and it has been like longer than a week since i have worked. they gave me more hours today though so i work monday and saturday. i need a new job though. my gf's mom is a manager at a bank so i think that i will try to get a job there. she said that she might be able to hook me up.
i am in a talkative mood. so i am just gonna ramble on...start: morgan...i love her to death. i can't believe that it will be two months this coming thursday. it's weird. we both went to the same elementary, junior and high school and didn't meet until after i graduated. we even lived really close to each other when we both lived in brier and now we both live the same distance, if not closer, in bothell. wow, don't you feel special now that you know that?
so life is good.

rockergirlie88 (12:15:34 AM): and no, you are sooo not racing in MY CAR.
rockergirlie88 (12:15:35 AM): lol
e69m3 (12:15:46 AM): I wouldn't
e69m3 (12:15:54 AM): maybe against karissa
e69m3 (12:15:55 AM): hahah
rockergirlie88 (12:16:19 AM): hahahha
rockergirlie88 (12:16:26 AM): you think that you'd win?!?
e69m3 (12:16:33 AM): hahah I would burn her ass

12/14/03 12:38 am

man, i haven't updated for a long time.
i wish i had an m3.
*wets pants*
ummmm, yeah.

10/26/03 10:40 pm - damn today was a "tight" day

Went to see joe and his team get their ass beat by some homos at a soccer game. Afterwards Morgan and I drove around and went to the mall and then to the park :)
Quote of the day "ohhhh mmmmm radek you need a _ _ _ _ _ _ right now" :) mmm good day

10/26/03 12:47 am - ohhh damn

Today was like the best day in my life damn Morgan looks so damn cute on my bed :) ok I am done.

10/22/03 11:15 pm

Damn I want Morgan to be here!!!!!!!!!
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